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TV Remote Control - Big Buttons Sale

TV Remote Control - Big Buttons

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A large, multi functional, infrared universal remote control with large buttons that light up when pressed. This remote can operate a TV, VCR, DVD player and satellite or cable boxes. The remote recognises a set code for different brands of appliances and these are used to set the remote to control a particular appliance. Not all appliance brands available in Australia can be controlled with this remote.

All buttons light up red when any button is pressed. The buttons remain illuminated for a period of approximately 5 seconds. 
A red indicator light appears at the top left corner of the remote when any button is pressed to provide visual feedback. 
Buttons are shaped differently for different functions: the number buttons are circular in shape; the channel and volume buttons are triangular in shape; and all other function buttons, including the on/off button are square. 
Compatible with most brands of Televisions, DVD players, VCRs and Satellite or Cable boxes (supplier stated). 
Please note: The Big Button Universal Remote Control will not work on Set Top Boxes. 
Replaces up to four standard remote controls. 
Powered by 2 AA batteries (Included)



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