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Jumbo print easy crosswords book 6. Puzzle book Sale

Jumbo print easy crosswords book 6. Puzzle book

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This large print crossword book contains 125 easy crosswords with large print solutions in the back. Keep your brain active without hurting your eyes as these puzzles are designed to help relieve eye strain. Each puzzle takes up two pages, so the clues and numbers in the boxes are easier to see. With their entertaining subjects and challenging clues, they'll baffle you in the most delightful way. The numbers in the puzzle grids are large (16-point), as are the clues (18-point) and solutions (16-point). This puzzle book has a minimum font size of 16-point. This puzzle book contains American spellings and refers to American geography and culture. Puzzles are easy, not cryptic. Size: H20.3 x L25.4 x W1.2 cm Weight: 750g


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