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Talking Calculator - Reizen

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Enjoy the convenience of hearing calculations spoken! While in calculator mode, all digits and functions entered, as well as calculation results, are read aloud. The time is displayed on the LCD. Built-in alarm with beep sound This talking calculator announces each button press and calculation in an American female voice and has an easy-to-see eight-digit display. The large, well-spaced buttons have contrasting text in black or white and speech can be turned off completely if desired. Displays the time and includes alarm function. Number buttons are black with white text in 1.2cm high characters (48pt). Symbol buttons are white with black text in 0.7cm high characters (28pt). Function buttons are white with black text in 0.4cm high characters (16pt). LCD display measures 7.8 cm × 1.8cm and calculations are shown in 1.2cm high characters (48 point). Requires two AAA batteries (not supplied)


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