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Penfriend2 or Penfriend3 Extra COLOURED Labels - SET 2 Sale

Penfriend2 or Penfriend3 Extra COLOURED Labels - SET 2

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Contains 418 individual self-adhesive labels in two colours; orange and yellow. Use with your PenFriend voice labeller (DL121). Specification Labels in yellow and orange. Four sheets containing 91 small circle labels in both colours. Two sheets containing 18 large square labels in both colours. One sheet containing 18 in total of 9 orange and 9 yellow large square labels. 418 labels in total. You must buy extra label packs in sequence to ensure you don't have duplicate labels; they are individually numbered. If you have two with identical numbers both labels will read out the newest recording attached to that number. Once you've used all the labels in this pack, please order the next pack of laundry labels pack.


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