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Large Print Backlit Keyboard

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The keyboard font is 4X Larger than standard keyboard. Ideal for seniors, students, office workers, and those with visual impairment. The Backlit keyboard has 8 levels of brightness, 7 different colors, and 4 backlight modes. Backlit can be turned on/off and adjust brightness, making it more convenient to type in low-light environment. The foldable stand on the back of the keyboard helps keep your wrists in a comfortable position, improving your body posture and reducing wrist pain and fatigue after long work hours. No need for charging or battery replacement. 5.2ft USB cable for easy connection to Windows, PCs, laptops, Vista, macOS, and Chrome (note: multimedia keys may not be fully compatible with macOS systems). It's a wired keyboard that's directly plugged into a laptop or computer and has a very fast response speed, so there's no delay when typing, allowing you to enjoy a smoother typing experience. Key measurement: 2cm - printed letters: 1.5cm Overall dimension: 44.2 x 12.95 x 3.3 cm


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