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Rechargeable Air Tag/Key Finder


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Rechargeable Air Tag/Key Finder. Wireless Radio Frequency Item Locator. The Air Tag/Key finder helps you quickly find lost keys, pets, cats, dogs, remote controls, wallets, glasses, canes and other items that are easily lost. Good for vision impaired individuals or anyone who has problems locating items. Just click on the color code button and the beep and flash will guide you to the missing item. No phone or Wi-Fi required! Powerful RF penetrates walls, leather, doors and more. Whether it's in another room, a sofa cushion or a blanket, you can quickly find lost items within 30 metres. The receiver can send up to 110 decibels, so it's easy to find lost objects The tracker tiles (receiver) are rechargeable and the base (transmitter) requires 2x AAA batteries (Not included) The battery capacity of the receiver is 120mAh and it only takes 1.5 hours for a full charge 110dB Louder Volume: This air tag/key finder uses a buzzer on the receiver with 25% larger volume than others. You may judge the distance by the volume. The closer you are, the louder the volume is. Meanwhile there is a LED Light on the receiver, when you press to find items, the light will flash Long Tracking Range: The tracking range is up to 60 metres in the open area without obstacles. The walls and obstacles may affect the transmission distance, so the tracking range is about 30 metres indoors. Transmitter size: 4.3x1.5x0.8 in (109 x 38 x 20mm) Receiver size: 1.5x1.5x0.2in (38 x 38 x 5 mm) Requires 2x AAA batteries (Not included) Package Content: - 1 x Transmitter - 4 x Receivers - 4 x Key Rings(Circumference: 1.85inch) - 2 x Key Rings(Circumference: 5.9 inch) - 2 x Key Rings(Circumference: 2.95 inch) - 2 x D I Y Stickers - 1 x USB Cable - 1 x User Manual


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