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Penfriend 3 audio labeller Sale

Penfriend 3 audio labeller

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Our simple and easy-to-use PenFriend 3 enables you to record your own audio labels for a wide range of items in and around the home, at school and work. When you need to identify the item, simply place the PenFriend on to the label and it will play back your recording! Instructions on how to get started with your PenFriend are built into the packaging and are announced in an English female voice; simply switch on the device and touch one of the tactile instruction hot-spots on the packaging. Internal memory: 16GB internal memory stores up to 500 hours of recordings. Memory is expandable by SD card up to 32GB. Each label holds a message up to one hour long. Record new messages on to any label to reuse them where possible. Four yellow tactile operating buttons contrast against the black casing of the PenFriend. Size: 15 × 2.5 × 2cm (5.9 × 0.98 × 0.79 inches). Tip size: 1cm (0.3 inches). Items supplied PenFriend 3 audio labeller 21 square tactile labels and 84 small circular orange and yellow self-adhesive labels One keyfob; with four recording spots Lanyard “Getting started” audio instruction card; with 15 ideas for using your PenFriend 3 Two AAA batteries already inserted Important You must buy extra label packs in sequence to ensure you don't have duplicate labels; they are individually numbered. If you have two with identical numbers both labels will read out the newest recording attached to that number. After you've used the labels supplied with your PenFriend purchase Pack A of the general purpose tactile labels, then Pack B and so on. Please note, the PenFriend does not scan and read text. Uses Label food items – including freezer food, with use-by dates, cooking instructions and dietary information. Identify your shopping – label items as you place them into your basket, so you know what they are when you get home. Place audible notes on medicine packaging and cosmetics. Organise household paperwork and personal documents. Identify your film and music collections. Label your clothing – washing instructions, colours, coordinating items of clothing and accessories. (requires washable labels sold separately) Organise your gardening seed packets and potting tools.


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