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RNIB tactile yellow ruler 30cm Sale

RNIB tactile yellow ruler 30cm

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A 30cm yellow ruler made from recycled plastic with black tactile markings. Measures accurately to within 0.5cm, with two different edges – straight and notched. The straight edge can be used for measuring and drawing, while the notched edge is designed to help place pins when creating charts and graphs or using a compass. Tactile lines at the 5mm and 1cm measurements and raised black numbers running along the centre of the ruler from one to 10, then at the 15, 20, 25, and 30cm positions. There are five non-slip feet placed at regular intervals on the underside to ensure the ruler stays in place when used on smooth surfaces. Made from recycled PETG plastic, which is a food-safe, environmentally friendly material. Tactile markings for centimeters and half centimeters. Five non-slip feet. Two different edges – notched and smooth. Notched edge can be used for quickly orienting the ruler, and is useful for users with dexterity issues.


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