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Sudoku Large Print Puzzle Book Sale

Sudoku Large Print Puzzle Book

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This puzzle book contains 225 Sudoku puzzles of varying difficulties, with large print solutions in the back. The level is marked on the top of each page by a star rating from one star (easy) to three stars (hard). Perfect for logic-loving humans and Vulcans of all persuasions. Keep your brain active without hurting your eyes as these puzzles are designed to help relieve eye strain. Featuring one puzzle per page, printed on high quality paper with bold black print in 47-point font. Solutions are printed in a clear 24-point font. Specification: 225 puzzles. Difficulty level: Easy, medium and hard. Solutions in the back.Puzzle text: 47pt. font. Answers: 24pt. font. Size: 229 × 260 × 38mm (9 ×10.2 × 1.5 inches). Weight: Approx. 500g (1.1lbs).


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