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Topaz XL HD - 24 Inch Video Magnifier Sale

Topaz XL HD - 24 Inch Video Magnifier

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THE ULTIMATE DESKTOP VIDEO MAGNIFIER The ergonomically designed TOPAZ XL HD desktop video magnifiers with easy to use accessible controls will have you reading of a wide variety of printed materials in no time. Just turn on the TOPAZ and three large colour coded dials are at your fingertips for quick and simple magnification functions. 24" wide screen displays. A camera only model is also available. The control panel is easier to learn than ever, and the Find feature zooms out to provide an overview of the page then zooms back into the user's reading magnification level. TOPAZ XL HD A true high definition camera to produce a clearer picture with sharper images delivering crisper text even at the lowest magnification. Lower magnification means you can maximize the amount of information displayed on the screen, especially with a widescreen monitor. It also reduces the need to move the reading table when reading, viewing photos, or working on crafts and other projects. The TOPAZ 24" XL HD supports magnification levels from 1.9x to 67x. GEM SOFTWARE Allows you to connect you XL HD Topaz to a PC or laptop, and work with your documents in split screen. AT A GLANCE Ergonomic design with easy-to-use controls. Magnification range: 1.9x - 67x .(24" Screen) 1.5 - 56x (20" Screen) 21cm of workspace under the camera. Extra large reading table. True colour and 30 customisable high contrast text colour modes. Freeze Frame and Focus Lock. Fully adjustable monitor that tilts, swivels 180 degrees side-to-side and is height adjustable. Size: 635 x 437 x 439 mm. Weighs: 24" - 19.8 kg. 20" - 18.6kg All the controls are right under the display Price shown doesn't include postage and handling


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