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Dolphin GuideConnect software

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Is sight loss stealing your independence?

Technology can help you reclaim some of that independence. But what if you’re a total beginner or just not confident?

Designed for people with sight loss, GuideConnect is different:

  • Simple step-by-step menus walk and talk you through every task
  • Text and icons as big as you need
  • Friendly voices patiently guide you at a pace that suits you
  • Use the remote control, touch, mouse or keyboard – or add text with your voice
  • And if your sight is deteriorating, GuideConnect can adapt as your needs change

The simplest way to stay independent, connected and entertained, choose GuideConnect and you’ll soon be …

  • Sending & receiving emails
  • Managing your own calendar
  • Writing letters and listening to your post read aloud
  • Online – researching, pursuing new hobbies and reconnecting with old friends
  • Listening to audio books or today’s newspapers, delivered daily to GuideConnect


Please note there is a lead time of 3-4 days from time of purchase.


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