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Dolphin SuperNova Magnifier download (single user) includes SMA Sale

Dolphin SuperNova Magnifier download (single user) includes SMA

SKU: 061LS4K + SMA

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Magnification for low vision clients and employees

Choose the world's best screen magnifier for Windows and give your low vision service users crystal clear, magnified access to all your computers..

If your Enlarge and enhance everything on screen with high contrast colours, large mouse pointers and highlights that help users track their every move..

Advanced yet intuitive, SuperNova Magnifier is flexible for every task. In the office - choose multiple apps magnified across multiple monitors. Split the laptop screen, half magnified to see the detail, half standard size to keep perspective. Detailed task - zoom in for total clarity. Add a document camera and SuperNova Magnifier users can even magnify and view documents on screen.

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  • Crystal clear magnification and high contrast colour schemes
  • 8 magnifier views including full screen, split screen and magnifying glass
  • Magnify across multiple monitors
  • The best touchscreen magnification for Windows
  • Hundreds of large mouse pointers to choose from
  • High contrast focus highlights for the mouse pointer, cursor, word, line and more
  • Connect a camera and view magnified documents and pictures

System Requirements: Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)

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